GSR & Chairpersons Update Instructions

If a meeting changes time, location or has a temporary change,
please notify us immediately.
Here are instructions for GSR’s and Chairpersons.

These are our standard instructions for use anytime a meeting is cancelled, moves location and/or changes time temporarily or permanently. It is particularly significant if the meeting disbands or permanently shuts down.

This is especially important now during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Once group conscious has decided to change location or time or must temporarily cancel meetings due to circumstances beyond the group’s control, it is very important for Group Service Representatives or Chairpersons to let us know. This is extremely important if the group has permanently closed. We do not want addicts, especially new ones with only a few days clean, showing up and not finding a meeting.

The steps for this are very simple

Using email, send a notice directly to our site:
Call one of our Helplines and leave a message there:
New Orleans Area: 504-899-6262 (504-899-NANA)
Unity Area: 504-889-8840
Please include your callback phone number

Once this is done, to confirm your information, we will respond within 24 hours.

To keep up with changes during this time, please use our website to send us updates. If we all work together on this, we will have a very accurate listing of meetings available to all of us and the public at large.
Thank you,
New Orleans Area Service Committee
PR Subcommittee
March 15, 2020