“Active Links” to Online Meetings

Scroll down page for spreadsheet with all our online meetings
Updated Aug 03, 2020, at 8:30 PM
At very bottom of page, there are downloadable copies.
Printable version is also there.

Click on any blue GROUP NAME in spreadsheet. It should open the online meeting.*
Many meetings do not have a password or it is embedded in link and meeting opens automatically.*
Sometimes a password is required or if no embedded password is available, you will have to enter it manually. (Hint: You can copy/paste password from spreadsheet.)
If you have a problem and on next line below group name, it says “more logon and phone details“, click on that. A page will open with detailed list of every possible way to enter that meeting. It includes additional instructions, meeting link, one-click phone numbers, ID and password.
If this link is not present in spreadsheet, look to right of meeting name to find URL. Copy/paste/enter it into your browser. The password is there too. Using this method, if password is required, you will be required to manually enter it.

*If Zoom is already installed, meeting will open and you will automatically enter it. If not, it will ask to be installed. You may have to give it permission(s) and enter your name.

KEEP ALL THE MEETING LINKS on your desktop or phone and not have to come back here or keep a handwritten list of your meeting info.
At bottom of this web page, click on one of the links to download. If the PDF version doesn’t open in your browser you may need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader (free app) to open it. Or download the JPG version which should easily open on either phone or desktop. (It’s an image.)
Next, in PDF VERSION ONLY, click on name of meeting. If Zoom is already installed, it will open and you can enter meeting. If not, it will ask to be installed. You may have to give it permission(s).
See notes above about passwords.
For meetings that have REOPENED, click Group Name for flier or click address for map.


To download the current FULL COLOR SPREADSHEET
click for PDF or click for JPG

To download a PRINT-FRIENDLY, black and white version
click for PDF or click for JPG
Be aware this is designed for legal 8.5″x14″ paper. It already has fairly small print. It may be very difficult to read if you reduce it to fit regular 8.5″x11″ letter size paper.

Please note: We have been periodically re-checking all the URL’s, Meeting ID’s and passwords we have in this spreadsheet. And all of them appear to be working. If you have any problems, please call either Helpline or email us.
New Orleans Area – 504-899-6262
Unity Area – 504-889-8840